Relationships P.O.V (Guys)

I have never fully understood boy-girl relationships, maybe thats why I'm so terrible at them. So here joining me on Community* today is Justin, my uhhhh sorta kinda friend? Anyway, he was kind enough to give me some tips. I present to you : Justin's P.O.V on relationships.
Me: Uhhh thanks for agreeing to this
Justin: So I hear you were single for 18 pathetic years?

Me: If you put it that way.....sorta...
Justin: Pathetic as always I see, let me ask you something.

Me: Sure!
Justin: Why are you so weird?

Me: I'm not really sure....but it may have something to do with the fact that my mom dropped me when I was a baby
Justin: LOL, you know that being retarded does'nt help in getting a date right?

Q1: What does being single means to you?

Justin: Being single means spending more time on games, sleep and hanging out with my friends. I won't really lose sleep on being single, although I would put that all of that aside if I'm really intrested in the girl. Something you clearly are'nt capable of.
Me: *ahem* let's just keep this professional

Q2: How to pick up a girl

Justin: Well, if I'm with my friends I try to do something....dumb to get her attention. HAHAHAHA. There was once I saw this really cute girl and I really wanted her number, so I mustered up all the courage I had and walked up to her and said "hi". Surprisingly she smiled instead of giving me a weird stare. It's really all about having confidence, again, something which you clearly lack.
Me: .......I....just....

Q3: How to keep a girl intrested

Justin: Texting. I try as much as I can to text her daily, knowing her as a friend first. Also I always avoid using cheesy lines and "sweet talking". Emojis are also a staple in all my texts, with me always asking about her or how's her day. Never ever blabber on and on about yourself unless she asks. I noticed you never put emojis and always take 3 hours to reply a single text, that's .......
Me: MY PHONE!! argh. we will be back after a short commercial break.


Justin: Welcome back!
Me:...... That's my line....

Q4: How to take rejection

Justin: Personally, I take rejections as a learning point. That being said, you must have a lot of learning points.
Me: One more insult and I swear I will punch you.

Justin: I was rejected once, surprising I know, but rejected I was and for the whole day I was just this mood-less, quiet, sad guy, but after that incident I reflected deeply and look for ways to improve myself. Rejections are'nt really that bad, maybe she is'nt the one for you. Whatever it is, look at the positive side of things.

Me: Alright, last question!

Q5: Is it true that nice guys always finish last?

Justin: It really depends. Some girls just like guys to treat them poorly, while some dream of the perfect one. I believe that every girl wants someone to treat them nicely like a princess. Being sweet to a girl just makes all her insecurities go away, tying her down to you and making her love you even more

Me: Well, thanks for joining me today, it was uhhh informative to say the least.
Justin: You seem kinda pathetic making relationships so I...

Me: OK. BYE.

Once again thanks for reading Community*. I will be doing a girl's P.O.V tmrw so stay tuned!


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