Relationship P.O.V (girls)

It's a universal fact that the advice that you get from dudes, brothers or just guys in general always ends up in someone being dead or having a spasm in the drug rehab centre. It always starts with "EH BROTHER, I GOT THIS SIBEI FUNNY IDEA"  So I thought getting a girl to help me might actually improve my odds and who better to do it than the beautiful Kailing. I present to you: Kailing's P.O.V on relationships.
Me: He...*MINDBLOWN* he...he....hello....
Kailing: Hi! Thanks for having me :)

Me: So uhhhh I uhhhh you look kinda uhhh pretty. *ahem*
Kailing: Thanks!

Me: *regains composure* ok let's do this

Q1: Does the guy need to be attractive?

Kailing: Hmmmm, I guess 50/50. He needs to look decent, personally I feel that it's what inside that counts. Put it this way, if we go out on a date and I take a look at his face, my appetite must still be there. HAHAHAHAHA
Me: I see.... well, it seems your still eating that chocolate bar so thanks:)

Q2: Does pick-up lines work?

Kailing: Generally girls in Singapore don't seem to take well to it. It's funny but it doesn't seal the deal so to speak. Once a guy tried it on me, I laughed but I thought to myself "bull fucking shit" I mean you only just saw me and your already describing me like I'm some kind of angel. UHhhhhh fake much?
Me: uhhhh, don't mean to be rude but did you fart?

Kailing: WHAT?! NO!
Me: cause you blew me away!

Q3: Where is the most ideal place to meet a guy

Kailing: Definitely a cafe! It's my sorta fantasy HAHAHA! I think it's quite romantic.
Me: Hahaha, alright we will be back after a short commercial break!
Me: Let's have 1 more commercial break. Cause I know you guys want it.
Me: Welcome back!
Kailing : Welcome back!

Q4: How to approach girls

\Kailing: It really depends on the type of girls I guess? Some are incredibly shy and might take more time than the others.
Me: Well, what about you personally?

Kailing: I personally likes it if he is straight-forward and honest. I REALLY REALLY hate playing games and would prefer it if the guy told me straight if he likes me or not.
Me: I'm definitely straight, that's for sure. Guess I just need to work on the "forward" part.

Me: Last question!

Q5: What attracts you to the guy/makes you wanna stay with him

Kailing: I love it when a guy is hard to get, but not all the time. Like he can't fall in love with me on the first date. I love the challange! HAHAHAHA! He must also have a mind of his own, he must know what he wants and not be like "whatever" all the time. That being said he must also know when to compromise.

Me: Well, that's all. Thanks for helping me out! Really useful stuff, and you'r not mean like Justin so that's cool
Kailing: Pleasure's mine!

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