Guest post: Brothers

The word "Brother"

Such a simple word, yet heavy in meaning. It could mean your biological brother, it could mean your brother-in-arms, whatever context you choose to use it in, it will always hold meaning to someone. However before we continue, let us take a closer look at what the word "brother" means.

The dictionary defines the word "brother" as a man or boy in relation to other sons and daughters of his parents. In other words, someone that is connceted to you biologically. For someone to call me their brother MUST mean that he/she treats me like a family member, as one of her/his own, and that is something that I hold dear. It is a sign of how close we are, so much so that our bond transcend that of any other.

With all that said, the word is still constantly being misused and abused. I think for someone to be truly considered a "brother" one must be able to stand all the hardships that come with it. A brotherhood cannot be formed in a mere second, it must be cultivated and only with time can one truly tell if the bortherhood is true.


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