Something amazing happened to me today, it's hard to put it in words but I'm gonna try. I was adopted and my real father is a billionaire. Just kidding. An old friend reached out and we sorta became friends again.

Now all of this sounds really childish but previously I had a falling out with her, I did something dumb, she got angry, the rest is history. But today, she reached out to me again.

She said yes.
I was slightly shocked and a little scared, she was one of my very good friends when I just started school and for someone to just walk out AND come back months later, it was a very terrifying experience. Do I say this? Do I apologize again? So many question, so little answers. 

Surprisingly it went pretty well, and as our conversation continued, I realized what a coward I was. Yes, a big, fat coward.

For months all I did was run away from the problem, avoiding her, not talking about it and for her to just reached out to me directly was so......overwhelming. She showed me what true courage was, facing your problems, not running away.

All along I thought I was the victim, people don't know what I went through, people don't understand blah blah blah. Sure I have issues but I have never stopped and thought about her for a second.

I won't get into the details but she went through some rough patches, I see her in school everyday with a smile but I never stopped and wonder if she is hiding anything behind that smile.

I guess the lesson here is that running away never helps, I'm glad I had the sense to stop when she called me, I just hope I won't screwed up again this time.

So STOP running. Face it. Look it in the face and just say "fuck you". This is the appropriate time to use "#yolo"
DISCLAIMER* Don't say "fuck you" if your problem is a person. It never works out well.


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