Awkward meals

Have you ever notice how sometimes the smallest of problems has such a huge impact in life? I for one certainly do and while I still have many big philosophical questions left un-answered, I think finding the answers to the small ones might just make life a little better.

I will be doing a sort of series on the little problems we face everyday,so stay tuned.

Q:Its so awkward eating with people I dont know but my friend insists on it.

Ahhh, a classic. Every teenager will definetly face this problem, a friend suddenly tells you that his or her friend is joining and you have no spare friends to run to and so you are left with 2 choices, eat alone or fight through the awkward meal. While some are perfectly ok, others have such a hard time on their own that eating an awkward meal seems to be the lesser evil. defines "awkward" as "causing embarrassment or discomfort". Ok, so what's embarrasing about sitting down and having a meal with a stranger? What's causing you discomfort? I simply do not understand. You want to know what's awkward? Hearing your friend sing "baby" by Justin Bieber with his headphones plugged in. In a library. Beside you. Now that's awkward.(sorry Bieber fans)
yeahhh.......this is probably more awkward.
Point is, being awkward is a choice, how hard is saying "hello" or if you have speech disorder just say"hi". THATS IT, YEAH ITS THAT SIMPLE. I know its hard, trust me, I'm a very awkward person and some how I still have friends. You just need to break down that barrier and let the person know that you are just like him or her, a teenager trying to make it through life and most of the time, it works like a charm.
and all I said was"hi"
If somehow you cant say a simple "hi" just vomit all over the table and the floor, its embarrasing but hey, at least you wont see that friend again.


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