Step out

Society has a way of pulling us down, especially when you try to do something different. It's almost like everyone WANTS you to fail. Which really kinda sucks because then everyone stays stuck on the same old broing level of creativity.
dragons. GET IT?

People in general are just so scared of change and being different. Stepping out seems to be the taboo now and it's not just the teenagers thats afraid, even the adults are too. I get that one must be realistic but sometimes you just gotta step out and try. Being realistic IS the backup plan.

Maybe I'm speaking from a personal point of view but from what I have seen from the people around me, everyone's pretty darn unmotivated. They have no more energy and me being the unconventional teenager must always stay smiling and try to bring some color and life into their life-less souls. and it gets tiring sometimes.

I hate it when I have an idea and then people be like "BE REALISTIC" or "IT'S NEVER GONNA WORK" or "IMMPOSSIBLE LAH" I mean, yeah, I know it's hard BUT it's definetly possible. I might need help from time to time and I still may fail but hey, I FUCKING TRIED.

I'm sure I'm not the only person here that's always laughing, always trying, always looking for new ideas. I don't blame them, maybe they went through something that suck the life out of them but sometimes it gets fustrating

I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't give up. I know it sounds cheesy but really, find something to hold on to. Religion, art, dance, whatever. BE passionate about something and hold on to it. If it's a new idea I say JUST GO FOR IT, cause you never know what the future holds.

Don't be afraid of the embarassment, when I started out blogging, almost all of my friends said "fuck off" or "what the fuck happen to you" or "2013 already, NOBODY blogs" I was so embarass I almost scratch the idea BUT here I am, typing away, feeling damn good. Why? Cause I'm awesome. Yeah, it's the only explanation I can come up with.

Been really into gifs recently:

Sray tunna amigos!


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