Teenage cliches

I'm gonna let all you people know right now that I really suck at being a teenage boy and pretty much everything teen related. Somehow I'm comfortable with spending valentine's day alone, my fashion tips are from the homeless people under my block, IN LOVE WITH BEING AWKWARD and just uncool in general. After under-going 4 years of intensive training at my secondary school, I finally managed to become a half-teen, half-child, half-adult hybrid. Still, there are just some teenage cliches that I can never understand.

1.Worshipping bacon and nutella
it actually looks kinda tasty
Ok. You love bacon and nutella. We all do, but what is up with all the worshipping and quotes like "BACON FOR LIFE" and "NUTELLA IS GOD"S NECTAR". You wanna know what's God's nectar? Go buy a bottle of guinness stout and THEN tell me nutella is God's nectar.

On twitter its kinda sorta okay, but in real life? On youtube? WHAT THE FLYING FU*K. Hashtags use to be a way to connect people with similar intrest or thoughts together but now it's like a language, a staple in almost everything. #stopusinghashtagseverywhere #typicalteenagers #communitycitycollege.blogspot.sg

Yhsdiyslt. Abbreviations are created so that people with fat fingers or are just lazy in general can get the message across without spraining their thumbs. Are you that lazy to even move your tounge to pronounce that one vowel? Oh, if you'r wondering what I said earlier, it was "You Have Speech Disorder If You Speak Like This"

4."teenager tumblr/twitter/facebook posts"
You would listen to Bieber's album again?! You, my friend, have balls.
This is why teenagers have a bad rep. All this posts makes us sound like perpetually exhausted and hungry anti-socialites whose brain is made of bitterness and sacarsm. Oh, and all those tweets about how he cheated on you or just how broken and sad you'r inside just makes me wonder if being miserable and sardonic is the "new teenage image" now. ARGH. fu*king adolesence.

5.That awkward moment when.....
Stop over-using that word! Do half of you even know what it means? You hipsters destroyed the word "literally" already! Please stick to your "yoloswags" and whatnots, as I have repeatedly said, AWKWARD IS A STATE OF MIND. I was eating with some of my friends awhile back and I accidentally dropped my spoon, to which he replies "that awkward moment when you dropped your spoon while eating" HOW THE FU*K IS THAT AWKWARD. Seriously, if everything is awkward then NOTHING IS AWKWARD. Which is truly awkward.

And there you have it, I can literally spend an hour writing about all the cliches but these are just the few I find really annoying. Of course, I'm talking about teenagers in general, not everybody is like that and for that I'm grateful. Is there any other cliches you find annoying? Let me know down belowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


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