This is probably the last time I will be doing a P.O.V on teenage love and stuff. If you have read all my post and follow all the advice given AND still unable to get a date then you should take a really really good look in the mirror. Or just go take plastic surgery. Just kidding. I love you guys. I present to you Dating P.O.V by Huiyao
Me: Hello, appreciate you coming for the last interview for P.O.V on teenage love and stuff!
Huiyao: It's fine.

Me: Hey, can I ask you something?
Huiyao: Sure.

Me: What do you call roses in the sun?
Huiyao: MMM, no clue.

Me: Blazing roses.

Q1: How much do you think is an acceptable budget for the first date?

Huiyao: Personally, I try to keep it under 300 dollars. I work part time so maybe that's why I have a higher budget, point is, a first date is all about first impressions and I want to set a good one. It depends on the girl too but try to bring her out somewhere nice.
Me: What if I only left 20 dollars?

Huiyao: Then just go geylang, handjob 5 dollar only. Finish liao still can buy coke and Marlboro.

Q2: Which is better? Gucci, L.V, Prada OR something handmade with love?

Huiyao: Of course handmade with love! It shows that you put effort and heart into it. It takes time to really make something nice so the girl will appreciate it more!
Me: But if your girlfriend give you choose between 2 thousand dollar Prada bag or her handmade paper bag with love which one will you choose?

Me: You fucking hypocrite.

Q3: What if the girl/guy is so much more fucking ugly in real life than on Twitter and Instagram?

Huiyao: I will be polite and accompany her throughout the date, I will still pay for her meal and everything. If she is really a nice person deep down I will still continue dating her. It's not always about the looks. That's why you don't have a girlfriend.
Me: MMMM, what if she looks like this?
Me: LOL.

Me: Let's take the time to thank Huiyao for the interview!
Me: Welcome back killjoys!

Q4: What if the girl/guy confess his/her love too soon? Will you accept it?
Huiyao: No, because it takes time to nuture feelings. If the opposite party confess too soon, he/she may not be sure and rush into things. I need to have time to think about the whole thing too.
Me: What if she ask you?
Me: You fucking hypocrite lol.

Q5: How many dates should you go on in order to determine if she's the one.

Huiyao: As much as possible, like I said, you don't want to rush into things. Take you'r time, understand each other a little better first. Never force love, maybe the other party wants to take it slow? So always understand each other first, but not too slow.

Me: Alright, thanks! That's all we got on Dating P.O.V! Hope you all no-lifes and suckers get a date! Just kidding. I love you guys. MAKE SOME NOISE KILLJOYS!


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