Old people and pop culture

Blurrred lines
So you'r just watching this new music video with Pitbull in it, and with ALL Pitbull videos, there are TONS of semi-nude girls dancing around. You don't seem to care much anout the girls (or maybe you do?), music is bearable so you continue and then suddenly, like a ninja in the shadows your parents appears behind you and looks at you with a shock face.

There's something about the situation that's so damn hard to explain. You know you'r not doing anything wrong, you don't need to explain youself cause you'r just watching a music video and even if you'r watching *ahem* it's perfectly fine. Oh, wait it's not, it's illegal. POINT IS, adults have a way of giving you this condescending look making you feel guilty and then the only thing you can do is to apologize.

And it's not just music videos, movies with partial nudity, going out with friends, practically anything you do that they are not familar with they are not comfortable.  I have this particularly good friend that I always hang out with and we can talk for hours without getting bored, walk the streets with our broke ass drinking those 50 cents bottled water till the wee hours in the morning and I would come home the next day only to find that my mom has not slept and all she wants to do is to tear me limb from limb.

so NOT my friends
I feel that society has a obligation, a responsibility to teach old people how we tee...young adults behave. and I know all the mama's boy and daddy's girl be shouting at me now like "WELL, WHY DON'T YOU TEACH THEM YOURSELF?" Oh, we want to, I wish my mom plays DOTA, I wish my dad would drink with me, I wish all my relatives can just sit down and play DOTA all day long for new year instead of the usual gambling and shit.

Problem is, they just can't accept that doing all these things doesn't make me a gangster or pregnant(if you'r a girl) or getting killed. Going clubbing does'nt make you pregnant, going home with that cute boy does. Hanging out with friends doesn't mean I'm gonna take a parang and kill everybody I see, it's joining a gang that does. Watching a Pitbull's music video does'nt mean I'm watching porn, I mean you can't differentiate porn from a Pitbull mv? It's ok, I can't either.

You know who I blame? Channel 8 and Channel 5. All those cheesy teen dramas give us such a bad rep and with our parents so conservative and not educated in the "way of the Singapore teen" they stop trusting us and believe all they see on the T.V.  Deep down somewhere I know that all that is just propaganda by the P.*.P

Sneaky goverment, you win this time.


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