Life is funny sometimes, not funny as in "HAHA" but funny as in "hahahaha I'm so fucked".

So just a litlle update, I have been......well? Life's still pretty stagnant, made some grey choices though, maybe more on that area next time.

Anyway, the topic at hand here would be HER.

It's always her hahaha.

Well since I decided to write a bad post about her I feel I should do a good one also, I owe her that much.

I wish she was this pretty though
For those that are already lost, let's just call her Jane. Jane has been in my life for a little over a year now, the time I shared with her were fun and sometimes a little heart-breaking but overall I would say that she was worth every heart-breaking moment, every stupid quarrel (it's usually because of me) and most of all every time we tried not to be friends.

I don't know, she is the first girl that makes me so.....crazy? I really don't know how to put it in words. 

The relationship we have now is purely platonic so please don't misunderstand. (She is always very particular about this)

I came up with the idea of us being like siblings because I feel like she would make a really good younger sister (although I'm not doing a very good job of being the older brother >< ) So far we have gotten along pretty well and I must say that I'm a motherfucking genius for thinking this up :p

I read somewhere online saying that a guy can never have a girl as a very close friend and to that I say AMEN. Maybe it's just me but part of me wants us to be more than just friends, it's hard sometimes because we are alone and it takes all that I have to not just say what I should'nt say, DON'T WORRY U PERVS READING THIS I TAKE MY NEEDS ELSEWHERE. FUCK YOU. I guess it's because no one really understands me like she does. Well, in anycase, she does'nt want to be more than friends so I guess this is the end of the road for me. Gotta respect what she wants :)

Still, some guys out there may see me as a desperate, clingy loser and sometimes I wonder that too, if she still wants me around, but she has taken all my shit and still has'nt killed me yet so the least I could do is to wait for her to come around on her bad days.

In all, she was the friend I did'nt deserve, the friend who really went the extra mile, the friend who took my shit standing and most of all the friend who stayed. :)

So yeah, life can be funny but I believe it's up to you to interpret the humor.:)



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