Best friends

I'm sure all normal, functional kids has got a best friend growing up. I know I had one, her name was Samantha. Sweet girl she was, unfortunatly my doctor told me she was imaginary.
Yeah..... pretty sure thats Emma Stone
Anyway, there's always something different with them. Like you could insult them in the most crude manner possible and all they do is laugh. (take note I'm not talking about crazy people here). I have a few good friends in school, and IT'S IMMPOSIBLE TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITHOUT INSULTS. Yeah, it's pretty dysfunctional.

Things are never simple with them, things go missing, you'r twitter status updates by itself and you get bombarded with vulgarities you did'nt know existed. In fact, one of the main reasons I started learning russian is so I can have more creative ways to insult their entire family tree. NA KOLINI SUKA BLYAT.

Which is really weird cause, arn't friends suppose to care and support each other? I mean, friends are suppose to be something good right? Like ar'nt normal best friends suppose to study together, say words of encouragement, cry together? No? Damn it, youths........
that's right, YOUTHS.
I guess it's a different world now, it's just un-explainable yet soooooooo...hmmmm.....I can't put it in words. It's like knowing that he/she is gonna be there for you but EVERYTHING THEY DO/SAY ALWAYS GETS YOU INTO TROUBLE. It's really confusing but kinda enjoyable.

I think everyone should have some sort of 'best friend' or whatever you wanna call it. It defintely makes life ALOT easier. and fun. You get to insult people(complusary), hit them(optional), prank them, make fun of their weight, looks, height, borrow money and never return. I mean what else are friends for?

But at the end of the day, I think why most people have 'BFFs' is simply beacause they accept them who they are. When I started school, I was just this awkward and weird kid who seems nerdy but actually who is just full of shit. A lot came but went cause THEY CAN'T HANDLE ME BITCH. Still, some stayed. What? I like being weird.
Yeah you go Zoey!!!
So yeah, start accepting people for who they are, don't judge cause you'r probably werid too. This is Community* and sta.........WAIT. LET ME TAKE A SELFIE. (chainsmokers-selfie)

And here's a totally unrelated gif I found

Stay tuned!


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