How I know everythin's ok.

Everything's ok.

I woke up today with my arm all numb because I slept on the wrong side but I'm still ok. I did'nt feel like doing pushups but my arms are still fat so I did two and I'm still ok.

You might get sick, you might fall out of love and you might even leave your earpiece in the washing machine but everything is still gonna be ok.

The pain will pass.

Trust me everything's gonna be ok.

Even though we all die in the end and sometimes if we are unlucky we die painfully.

I don't want to die, not yet anyways, so I do the best that I can. I fight on even though it's fucking tiring and painful.

Even when I'm blogging this now my favourite girl is angry at me but its' ok because I love her,

Fuck those that say's tough love. Love is not tough, it's INDESTRUCTIBLE. Like love is made of the same stuff that made wolverine's claws. Love is gentle, love is nice. Love can never be destroyed.

So take your tough love bullshit and shove it up your ass.

Never trust people that waste beer.

Never trust people that write essays on the internet.

Except for me of course.

Christmas is coming and that is a nice thought. Just spending the entire day with my favourite girl is all the christmas I need.

Everything is gonna be ok because we are all still gonna wake up tomorrow.

You know what I think? I think you are already trying your best so don't give up because AND I'M NOT TRYING TO HIT ON YOU but you're fucking awesome and sexy and good-looking right now.

Make friends, make LOTS OF FRIENDS. Life is like an adventure quest excpet you can't restart the game if you die. So yea, make alot alot of friends.

I won't lie to you, really, never ever.

Put your hands on the screen. Or phone whatever.

I'm putting my hand on the screen now. Can you feel my energy? Can you feel me pulsing through?

Of course not, you can't cause it's a screen.

See, I told you I will never lie to you.

Say I love you more often. Say it to your dog, your boyfriend, say it to everyone you know. Tell the whole world you love them, tell it to your mom. Tell it to the old guy that sleeps under you block.

Love is really indestructible.

I want you to imagine right now that you are dying. I want you to stare at death in the face. I want you to smile because, sure, you might still have things you haven't done but if death comes then death comes.

Lol i'm such a hippie sometimes.

Hope, don't lose hope.

Don't get me wrong, hoping for something doesn't mean it will come true. If anything it's a lie.

Unfortuantly, it's the biggest and most important lie than all the truths add up together.

So breathe in

And breathe out.

Everything's ok.


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