Social status + 10000000 pionts. LEVEL UP!

This post is wayyyyyy overdue.

Anyways, a while back I celebrated a friend's birthday and it was AWESOME. I feel like my social status and self esteem just sky-rocketed through the roof, you will see why in a bit. But first.....

BIG SHOUT-OUT TO Yiyang, awesome party, met new people, and most of all I WORE A FUCKING BATH ROBE BITCHES. and also there's the small case of me trying out a rolex but you know....whatever. rolex. meh. To my dear friends in I.T.E, just get over it already! It's just a $10,000 rolex, no biggie.

Alright, most of you are already screaming for pics cause you guys know that 90%.... ok 98% of my friends are imaginary(WHATEVER) BUT it did happen. See for yourself.

So I arrived about an hour before the party started to help do some admin stuff, check out the beds, I mean look at it, it's just......seducing me to just strip and jump right in. Which I did.

Probably the most important part of the entire room. Most of the smoking, shouting, drunk-stupid-shit happened here.

Just the usual booze and ciggs. What can I say, TEENAGERS MAN. TEENAGERS.

One word. Bath-robe. ok that was two but..just.. you.....SHUT UP. BATH-ROBE.

T.V was AWESOME. They have like disney channels and so many movies. Ok, I know theres nothing special but it's THE T.V. Like it's THE MBS T.V so you know...... HOW MANY OF YOU CAN ACTUALLY SAY YOU WATCH TV IN MBS HUH? WHAT, ALL OF YOU? ok I will shut up now.


When I heard some poly motherfucker was gonna be the "D.J" for the party, I told myself if that son of a bitch bring his macbook and went on YouTube just to play the song booyah I will slap the fucker so hard his face-shape will fucking shift.  But when @jefftyx and @jeremyyyt_ bought their equipment, sat down and just started mixing, I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Seriously guys, follow them, check out their soundcloud, they deserve the attention.

Soooo yeah, thats it. Had a great time, met new people, almost everybody there was a stranger so I apologise if you guys expected more...action. I was so drunk and was making out with so many girls I did'nt have the time, like they were literally line up JUST to make out with me.

Yeah, as if.

Stay tuned for more crazy, weird and sometimes sexually arousing posts. Your reading Community*, queef out.


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