SO, smoking.

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A really touchy subject in Singapore, the correct answer to this would be "NO", "NOT ENCOURAGED" or "SMOKE AND DONT BOTHER COMING HOME". The sterotypes that come with it are "GANGSTER", "UNEDUCATED" etc etc, you get the idea. Still, people do it.

The first thing anyone should know about a smoker is that he/she KNOWS the labels, health risks and whatever shit that comes with it. We pick up smoking willingly, for whatever reasons we do so is another thing altogether.

Now, let's delve deeper inside a smoker's mind.

Every smoker, at some point of time were misfits, the result of society's vomit and only when smoking among the company of fellow smokers do they find themselves in a whole new world of....ecstasy. The same applies for everyone, we are all finding our place among society, we just found our's in smoking.

Ciggarettes are also a smoker's social tool, especially at school or work, it's not the best but it certainly is the easiest. A comparison:

Person A: Hi, I'm person A can I be your friend?
Person B: What?
Person A: I said, can I be your friend?
Person B: Uhmm, sure, I guess?
Using ciggarettes
Person A: Hey you got a lighter?
Person B: Yeah, *gives lighter*
Person A Thanks, you want 1? (refering to ciggarette)
Person B: Oh, it's ok, I have my own. *takes out Winston*
Person A: Damn, one stick not enough, later want smoke again?
Person B: Sure:)


Still, if history has proven anything is that over time, people leave. When everyone leaves along with all the drama, all the problems, when your life is nothing but a mundane routine, the only thing left walking this dull path with you is, you guessed it, ciggarettes. Sure, maybe you have a friend that is still with you from the begining but not all of us are that blessed.

Alot of people look at smoking as something thats bad for the body. That's because it's NOT meant for the body, it's for the broken souls and mind. Smoking is not the problem, it is the SYMPTOM. Smoking means 5 minutes of release from whatever bullshit the world is throwing at us. Smoking is our coping mechanism and if it means we are "gangster" or "uneducated" then so be it. We don't care, BUT if we snap back, just remember who spit us out and labeled us in the first place.

Of course, I'm not encouraging smoking. There is no excuse for it, we smoke because we made a conscious choice. Addiction to nicotine plays only a small role. If a father who has smoke for 32 years can quit because his daughter has asthma then I believe everyone can do it.

I wrote this not because I want to garner pity, I'm sure all smokers don't. I wrote this because people I care about wanted to know why I smoke, and this is my reply. I want to help people who cannot answer when asked why because of condescending adults, health counselers and people who just want to act mature so they try to put down smokers. (Yes, there are people like that and I'm sick of it)

I hope I don't get judged by non-smokers for this.

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