Gimme space

Woke up to the smell of food today, which is a bad thing for me cause it means that my mom is home. Dont get me wrong, I love my mom but I think everyone can use a little space these days.

and also lose friends
Blogging seems to be the only thing I have some intrest in now, maybe its because of the holidays and Im bored but I feel good when Im blogging so I will be here for quite a while.

Speaking of holidays, Im on one right now. Surprisingly, its so damn boring. I always imagined my holidays to be much more fruitful and fun,money has always been and issue and this holiday is no different:( Well, at least I tried to look for a job yesterday. I wish one day I can just be crazy enough to pack nothing but my passport and whatever I can stuff in my backpack and go travel around the world.

I think I might be watching to much movies.


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