Life. again.

It seems like everyday is so predictable,so mundane,so.....regular. To some, its bliss but for me, its hell. Its like arm-wrestling with a girl,it seems easy,you've seen people who win with no problem but when you do it.....BAM. WTF?
Seriously how?

I honestly dont know what would happen if I dont have a computer,just the thought of it sends shivers.

I wanna head out, catch up with some old friends but I dont have any left:( It seems as I progress in life,friends just seem to disappear one by one. I wonder why.

Speaking of old friends,its been really long since I saw Mr geogre. I kinda miss him,growing up was really fun with him teahing us parkour and just teaching us how to be better people. I dare say out of everybody in my group I was the closest to him,being a chirstian himself, he would always ask me to become more responsible and have faith in God.

Over time, I saw less and less of him, with his wife giving birth and school being so hectic. I try as much to keep in touch but sometimes I just.....I dont know.

He did change quite abit though, he became a teacher in my secondary school and ever since its rules and more rules with him. Still, I miss hanging out with him.

Maybe I will call him up this week,just hope he stills remember me.


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