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So this few months have been pretty crazy, apparently I'm not very good at sorting out my life. If there's anything I need constant improvements on, it's relationships.

Anyway less about me, more about...........whatever today's topic is.

ANDDDDDD TODAY TOPIC IS.........drumroll.....


Yep, that's right, Amos fucking Yee.

'C'mon motherfucker'
         -Amos Yee, in a video to Mr Lee junior.
Before I start I want to say that I don't hate him or support him, I just feel that his videos are very interesting. 

So if you guys don't already know, Amos Yee was in a video talking about the death of Mr Lee(our prime minister) and how happy he is. Link (

I would like first, to just say how ballsy he is for making a video like that, especially knowing that our government controls pretty much everything in Singapore. What I don't understand is why now, why during the time of mourning? Why not make this video when Mr Lee is alive?

Guess we will never know.

What I want to delve into is something more subtle, an aspect of the video that almost everyone missed out.

The audience

Looks like I got the topic wrong.

ANDDDDDD TODAY TOPIC IS.............drumroll........


I believe when Amos Yee's video came out, Singapore split in two, the supporters and the haters. Now I'm not saying either one of the sides are wrong, I'm saying WHAT FUCKING DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE WHEN YOU CHOOSE A SIDE.


Absolutely fucking royally nothing.

It's fun to see people flare up in the YouTube comment section but this time it's different, all the 'smarter people' are commenting too. Online forums flare up, rushing, eagerly waiting their turn to make their case, vulgarities over flow, internet-vigilantes rush in to defend Mr Lee.

Then next come the supporters, the ones who somehow always feel an inherent need to be different, if the majority sides Mr Lee, they will oppose. The conspirators, skeptics, hipsters rush in to aid Amos Yee in this internet war. 

The outcome?


Absolutely fucking royally nothing.

Mr Lee is still dead, PAP still overpowered, I still have to pay school fees and serve N.S

If you spent some time online looking through the forums, not all arguments are strings of English and hokkien vulgarities strung together, in fact, I would say all of them are really good. What I don't get is why not use all that energy, points, statements whatever and ACTUALLY ACT ON IT. Go write in to the CPF sector, write in to the goverment, hell, e-mail Mr Lee junior himself. All these valid arguments wasted on a stupid internet war with ZERO outcome.

For once, Singaporeans has up their game in debates, for once vulgarities were not used as weapons AND YOU GUYS USED IT IN A STUPID INTERNET WAR.

Well done Amos, I now know why i hate you in "we not naughty"

To the defenders, the internet vigilantes, I know Mr Lee has done much for our country but uh, how many times a day to you think about him, what? zero times a day? Uh so how well do you know him? what? nothing? Uhm ok so you must at least be an active participant in the nations event, a true patriot. What? You complain about going N.S? You don't celebrate National Day? THEN STOP BEING SUCH A OVER-DRAMATIC INTERNET MAGE AND ACTUALLY GO DOWN TO HIS WAKE, oh, you did'nt go to his wake? People are entitled to their opinions and please, know where to draw the line, are you still defending the nation' pride? Or are you just mad the other party call you a gay fag who use a vacuum cleaner to masturbate.

To the supporters, the hipsters, so you hate the nation? You hate Mr Lee? Ok so he's kinda dead now so technically you won? Still hate the government? Hey me too, why not lets write in to cancel the whole N.S thing. oh what you're busy? but i thought you truly hate the government with all your heart. Happy that Mr Lee is dead? ok go be happy no one is stopping you. I bet you're enjoying a peaceful nation with very low crime rates, wanna hang out late at night? oh don't worry go ahead because we HAVE ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND CORRUPTION FREE POLICE FORCE IN THE WORLD. Learn to be grateful, and if you really hate the government then go do something about it, being a level 76 internet warrior kinda does next to zero. It might make you look good but hey, would ladies rather have sex with someone who managed to free her father's CPF or would she choose someone who beat a 17 year old on an online debate. 

Still though, Amos Yee does have that kind of cunty smug S.O.B vibe.

Stay tune to read more


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