Top 3 american dramas

"You fat,you ugly,you fugly."

American dramas has been my source of entertainment for almost 3 years now, funny, sad, or just down-right quirky it has given me more than just a few laughs and everybody should watch it too, here are some of my favourites.

I have only finish 2 seasons and Im already loving it, I gave this list quite some thought and I thought it deserve the 3rd place cause the show can really really get on your nerves(Pierce ESPECIALLY). It really focus on the character devlopment, every little detail is not forgotten. The romance part is also not confusing and it gives the viewer some sort of....clarity? Every character is romantically compatible with one another(with the exception of pierce) and the notion of that keeps me hooked, and also Ken Jeong is in it.

2.2 broke girls
This would have been my number 1 if not for my current number 1. This show is FULL of awesomeness,played by Kat Dennings(the girl from thor) and Beth Behrs, they make Max and Caroline respectively come to life. I started just wanting to see Kat Dennings beautiful face(and boobs) but stayed for another season. There's something about seeing 2 hot, broke and funny girls trying to make it in life coupled with Kat's super offensive, racist, sexist, crude jokes and Beth trying to act mature so funny and addicting. You have to watch it to know what I mean, just hope they come out with season 3 soon.

If Sherlock Holmes was born american,he would be Patrick Jane. Yeah, no shit, he's that good. The show gives the viewer all the clues to the crime but somehow it is impossible to figure out who's the culprit and the suspense while waiting for the big reveal is so exhilarating. The way he carry himself, his demeanour, everything is just so perfect. There is a subtle romance plot between him and his team leader, Lisbon gives the show just the perfect finishing touch.

Like my list? Good. Hate it? let me know:) Im a sucker for dramas.


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