top 10 youtube channels (part 1)

The year is 2014. Sherlock on BBC needs another 2 years to come up with season 4, game developers are running out of ideas and after 10 hours of D.O.T.A you are pretty much left with nothing to do. Well, the good news is 'YouTube!' The bad news is you have no life.

But wait! Not everything on YouTube is...... normal. There are thousands of disgusting, boring and weirdly orgasmic videos? Fortunately, I have come up with some of the best channels on YouTube and YES I HAVE NO LIFE SO STOP LAUGHING.

1.Saturday Night Live (snl)

SNL is a mix of sketches/monologues/parodies. From stand up to sit down. LOL. Get it? No? Nevermind, from stand up to copying drunk celebrities they pretty much do it all. and yes, celebs like Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Madonna and soooooo much more come to guest star on the show. I mean I gave up watching tentacle porn to watch this. Wait, did I say tentacle porn?

2. Good Mythical Morning

These two takes bromance to the next level. They wax each other, stun each other with stun sticks(yeah, stun sticks are real.), I mean if I want a friendship I want it to be like these two. Not that I have any friends but thats another story. Anyway, it's a podcast and they talk about quite literally everything. Yeah, they once did a podcast about one dude dancing while the other pours ice on the dude and they were both wearing rubber tight suits. YEAH YEAH I know I'm giving you guys a boner. Weirdos.

3. Batinthesun

One word. EPIC AWESOMENESS. Ok that was two words but whatever. This channel basically takes two superpower hero and makes them battle. And in case if your thinking about bullshit acting and cheesy fight scenes, NO! NONE OF THAT BULLSHIT HERE. The fight scenes are comparable to Donnie Yen's movie. Yeah no joke man, it's that good. Here's a shot:

Yes, that is the white ranger kicking scorpio in the chest.
I was also skeptical at first but after one episode I was sold man. Here's somemore:

Guess who won
Seriously you gotta check this channel out, I guarantee you there's at least one comic book hero you like inside. If there isn't then it's probably cause you'r a girl.


Most of the channels above require some level of intelligence to comprehend the content. Collegehumor also require some level of intelligence to understand so if your stupid click away. Just kidding, I'm stupid too, why else am I in I.T.E LOL. It's a joke about the ite sterotype if you did'nt get it. What! it's funny. Anyways, the title pretty says it all. Collegehumor. I'm in a college too. ITE COLLEGE WEST! LOL. what, it's funny.

5. Ray William Johnson

Do you like watching black babies thrown across the room? NO? How about racists jokes? NO?
Sexists joke? NO? AW COME' ON. What started as a hobby from his college dorm turn into one of the most succesful channels on YouTube. With ten million subcribers he is the star of YouTube. He has his own show "=3" and let me just say IT IS AWESOME. His channel is pretty much the main influence on my writing style, that and my abused childhood, absent father and constant bullying in school.

That was just part 1! Stay tuned for part 2! Leave a comment, follow me on twitter @A_adolesence, this is Community* and YOUTUBE REWIND STYLE WOP WOP WOP!


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