The future

The future is bright. I'm certain. It has to be because then there would be nothing for us to live for. Its what we live for isn't? We plan our next meal, our next place to go to have fun, in fact, everything we do we do for the future. 

Yet despite all this, we can't enjoy the future if we can't enjoy the present. 

It's a little contradicting I know but just bear with me for a second, the future as we perceived is just time, time that has yet to pass, so the next second is literally the future, and so on and so forth.

But what about the second now? What about the second you have to pass in order to experience the next second, remember the second that you're experiencing now is the future a second ago. 

Close your eyes.

Good news, you have successfully entered the future. 

Bad news, you probably wasted 3 seconds of your life doing that. 

My point is, the future is just time yet to pass and the present is just time passing.

So what are you doing with your passing time?

I'm not sure if I'm trying to encourage other people or just myself, in any case, this is still a humor blog so yea, I promise the next post gonna be all about shit and giggles


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