Once upon a time I was single

Once upon a time, in the land of singles, where men lived as barbarians and sex was something we have to pay for, I was king. I ruled for a while, ate with my bare hands, watched dramas while eating bags and bags of chips, got drunk, occasionally got beat up, more dramas YOU GET THE IDEA.

Well, uhhhh, how do I say this.

 I got a girlfriend.


Ok fine, I find it hard to believe it myself too.

But fuck you for thinking it anyway.

Here's a picture of her.

 As you can see she doesn't really like taking photos so I'm sorry. AND NO THAT'S NOT MY COUSIN SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND. JESUS.

A little back story, those that read my previous posts might have noticed I'm always talking about her, well, that's her. Finally a face to the name. Well I know her name you guys just know her as well..."her".

Had it out for this girl for 2 years, I guessed God do really answer prayers.

So ever since she happened I find myself doing alot of things I don't use to do.

Like going to the zoo.

It's not that I hate it or anything, it's just..... well what the fuck do you do at the zoo lol. (sorry babe)

Anyway, we went, here's the pictures.

When I said I did alot of things I never thought I did I also meant it like I started to enjoy things that I thought were once mundane.

Like the zoo.

It was SO FUN (thanks babe). We went to see the different animal shows, laughed at kids. INDIA! There's this kid called Ranjit (guess where he's from)


All I can say is that he is REALLY REALLY PASSIONATE about his country.

After the zoo we went to this pro wrestling event, AND BY GOD WAS IT GOOD.

The pounding the smashing the flipping the 360 kicks the jumps wow just wow.

Sorry we were too engrossed to take more photos.

Although she took a photo with one of the wrestlers (HALF NAKED) and posted it in her instagram.

Which left me jealous all night. (THANKS BABE)

The next day we went to celebrate my younger sister's birthday! YES I HAVE A YOUNGER SISTER, HER NAME IS JOYCE.


Thanks to my girlfriend's super good Photoshop skills she looks the best in this photo.


It was fun, ever since these two beautiful girls came into my life things have been so different. so fun so much color.

Ok the next part is gonna be embarrassing and if you hate my face I suggest you click away.

Yea I was'nt lying when I said embarrassing.

OK, so by now I probably realized that if I was to be a girl I would be the fat and ugly one out of these 3.

Here's one where the 2 girls laughed pretty hard.

 Yeaaaaa, don't ask me how I got such a beautiful girlfriend cause I'm kinda lost too.

Finally we had a class bbq!

Which was a success. I guess?

It was fun, we played alot and even though my girlfriend hates to admit it but I can run faster than her.

We even climbed a tree together lol.

After everything, she came over to my house to chill and have some ice cream.

Of course nothing but the best for her.

Even though she paid for it HAHAHAHA.

Looking back, even with the quarrels and fights I still love her, and it just grows more and more everyday. She really is the best, there's still so much more but I guess I'm gonna save it for next time.

We have been friends for two years before we got together so I guess there's already a base there.

I know there's gonna be so much more pictures to share so if somehow you find our lives interesting just stick around, of course, the usual comical posts are still coming.

Oh, and my girlfriend is trying to do covers! Do support her! @janet_nhm

Till the next post then.


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