Why you should commit suicide (socially)

shhhhh,don't let justin bieber know I'm cutting for him!!!!

Socially. The key word here is "socially". Unless you hate batman, think newborn babies are cute and wear sunglasses indoors for no FUCKING reason. (Seriously why do you want to wear sunglassess indoors? So you can look like a douche? Well, job fucking well done then.)

Now that all the semantics are out of the way, lets get down to killing ourselves. (again, the key word is "socially)

So a few weeks back I was looking for a job because I was feeling like that fat-guy-that-lives-in-his-mother's-basement-watching-god-knows-what kinda guy. Luckily, a friend introduced me and I was able to start worked immediately.

Like every part-time job ever it was SO GODDAMN BORING. I cannot stress how RIDICULOUSLY un-interesting and mind degrading it was. I mean who is gonna buy a bedset that costs $1599 on a hot Thursday afternoon. At expo. With expensive food and losuy aircon.
look at the fucking price tag. look at it.

And so begun my social experiment, to see how long I could survive with minimum contact. Now bear in mind that I was working alone with very solemm and "mature" adults as my colleagues. I stop talking and shut down my phone altogether. And the results were........

VERY DISAPOINTING. After 2 days of complete social silence I almost went crazy. Literally. Crazy like singing in the toilet cubicle crazy. Like taking pillows and smashing it into those spoilt little kids with their Ipads and shit. I mean to be fair I did'nt have an Ipad when I was 8, hell, the only thing I got when I was 8 was a good whipping on my ass. And that was on the good days. On the bad days I just get dropped repeatedly from the 10th floor. Maybe thats why I'm so weird.

POINT IS, we humans are meant to interact, talk with each other. Sure, the first 2 days felt good, no bullshit, no drama, just peace. Sweet sweet peace. But soon the silence just got louder and louder and louder, and then I broke. I started talking to my colleagues and customers and it felt...good.

We all like to think that we are perfectly fine on our own, but the truth is, we're not. Thats it, theres no way round it. Social interaction is a VERY crucial part of our lives and building walls around ourselves, thats only gonna last so long. Soon you'r gonna finish all the oxygen between your walls and just suffocate and die.

I'm not saying we should all tear down every single wall we have built, I'm sure the walls are there for a reason. So keep the walls BUT, built a door in them. So at least people can come in, people you care about. Slowly, bit by bit as you heal from whatever you were injured from, that wall is gonna turn into a room and that room, is gonna turn into the most beautiful house you have ever seen.

I guess I should re-title this as why you should'nt commit suicide socially. But hey, for all the stubborn motherfuckers out there, knock yourself out.

On a completly unrelated note, I got a free smoothie and wraps. Thats right, WRAPS WITH A 'S'. AS IN PLURAL. AS IN MORE THAN 1. Thanks Robert!!!! Visit him at 313, centerpoint or bedok! (He's a manager at Smoothie King, how awesome is that)


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