Dating P.O.V (girls)

I have a hot girlfriend. Just kidding. Teenage dating is a complicated thing, it is confusing, it is scary, it is unpredictable and if you don't take advice from Community* then YOU WILL NEVER STAND A CHANCE. I present to you, Dating P.O.V by Denise.
Me: Hello! Thanks for coming!
Denise: Oh, sorry! Did'nt notice you, was reading a book><

Me: It's alright, what's it about?
Denise: Anti-gravity.

Me: I bet it's hard to PUT DOWN!

Q1: Is it ok for a girl to chase the guy?

Denise: Yeah definitely! I mean it's a whole new generation now, I want to let the guy know that I like him and also attract his attention:)
Me: Hmmm, well, has a guy tried to chase after you before?

Denise: Ye...... Uhhhh....uhhh let me think... uhhhhh
Me: It's a simple question, yes or no.
Me: I guess that makes 2 of us.

Q2: Who should pop the question. (Ask to be his/her bf/gf)

Denise: Anybody. If the girl feels strongly for the guy then just ask! Are you gonna wait till you'r both 80? Don't let ego get in the way! Many girls thinks it's always the guy's duty to ask the question but really, anyone can do it.
Me: Has a guy asked you to be his before?

Denise: Ye..... uhhhh...uhhhhh lemme just...
Me: Again, it's a really simple question.
Me: I see we have alot in common.

Q3: Who should pay for the date?

Denise: I believe it should be split evenly. For example, if he paid for my meal, then I would pay for the movie ticket. I don't think that the guy should be trying to pay for everything.
Me: I bet no one paid anything for you

Denise: OMG! There's a hole in my shirt! It actually matches the one in your head.
Me: Touche

Me: We will be right back after a commercial break!
Me: Annnnnddddd we are back!

Q4: Should you dress up heavily for the first date?

Denise: I think first impression counts, so yeah. Though gradually if the person like you for who you are then it won't matter as much anymore.
Me: Did you put make up on your dates?

Denise: yeah.....why??
Me: Cause if you actually eat some of your make up then you would be pretty on the inside.

Q5: What about crude and vulgar people? Are they acceptable?

Denise: I personally am ok with it, as long as it's in moderation.
Me: You personally are ok with EVERYTHING.

Denise: Oh! I did'nt know gorillas can speak english!
Me: Touche

Me: That's all we have for this week, this is Community* and I APPROVED THIS MESSAGE! (rwj reference)

*Credits scene*


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