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I  feel happy. So clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. Clap along if you that's what you wa......

Anyway the reason I'm singing on my keyboard is because I'm in a hotel room with 4 complete strangers.

Doing drugs, the hardcore kind. Meth, coke, you name it we do it.

Just kidding.

I'm in a room with 4 strangers because we met on the internet and all 4 of us love doing drugs.

Just kidding.

Maybe snorting wasabi but definitely no drugs
The world is so diverse, I mean I knew that before but never actually experienced it first hand, and I feel that as I grow in age and write and share my experiences on my blog do I realize that we as humans being are not all that different.

I mean sure, there are always differences no matter how small BUT for the most part it always work. We all dream of meeting someone EXACTLY the same as us, from the choice of clothes, music, right down to how we view the world, in other words, we want a clone of our ourselves. 

But the universe is evil, powerful and very VERY bored.

So whenever we try to find someone similar the universe uses everything in it's power to stop it from happening, all for a good laugh at our misery expense.

Despite knowing all that we still try our very best to fight the universe, refusing to admit defeat because our inflated egos won't let us, we don't wanna change because we want "people to like us for who we are" We dismiss people when we notice the slightest of difference, we dismiss people when our sense of humor irks them, when someone tells you they dislike your personality.
 she was totally kidding when she said she dislike my personality

Even when we feel like changing we can't or should I put it more accurately, DON'T FUCKING WANT TO. CAUSE WE LAZY. CAUSE WE CAN'T ACCEPT THE FACT THAT PEOPLE DON'T LIKE THE WAY WE LIKE OURSELVES.

We come up with excuses like, I'm helpless, beyond saving or in my case, "cause I want people to like me for who I am" Though what my best-friend heard was "I WANT PEOPLE TO LIKE ME BUT I DON'T WANT TO CHANGE MY DIRTY AND ANNOYING HABITS" You think your best-friend or whoever likes ALL of you? Even the dirty and annoying parts? NO. They just look past all that because they already know all your good points and they feel like they can live with it. (though occasionally I swear my best-friend wants to kill me lol)

I was like that before, full of ego and self-pity. I still do now but after a harsh talk with my best-friend and meeting people do I find how stupid I was.


I'm glad I went for this event because it sorta open my eyes. People will NEVER be the exact replica you want them to be. The evil universe? It's probably our ego and refusal to change.

The press motherfucker!

I mean the universe is still evil, powerful and bored but for the most part it's our ego.

Yeahhhh, it's our ego. 


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