hotel in I.T.E is not as bad as you think

Who said being an I.T.E student is all bad and depression? Sure, maybe it's a little dark, TOTAL VOID of creativity and sometimes if you are unlucky you might see some...compromising acts BUT, it does has it good features too.

Like the hotel I was selected to stay in,

As most of you may know I grew up bathing in a dirty green river along the coast of India, so imagine my excitement when I saw a bathtub.

Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it.

So I might need to work on my selfie skills. Though huge thanks to Yiyang for pushing me and almost punching me in the face trying to get the pair of jeans.

Standard single size beds, beats the straw mat I have at home anytime.

That's all bout it though, too busy having fun with my new friends. Yeah, they are all poly students with smiles that don't stab you in the back.

Just kidding, love you all, secondary, I.T.E friends:) and also my C.A for trusting me to not fuck up the hotel rooms.

Which I totally did by the way.


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