5 ways to make life easier

Shit happens. There's no way around it, we can either take a mop and clean it up or let pile while we spent what little energy we have left wading through it.
I literally googled 'shit happens' and this is what I got.

Trust me though, the latter option is just unhygienic and dirty. I mean seriously, who in fuck's name wades through shit.


5.Open up to criticism, even bad ones.

This one is seriously easier said then done. More often then not we all get offended so damn easily. Don't look around, I'm talking about you, YES, YOU. 

I feel like because our society is so connected and educated we would always over-think and when someone made a comment we would rush to judge and quickly spit something nasty back. Remember, what matters to you probably don't mean jack shit to the rest.

I'm not saying that everyone is an a-hole but they should'nt be reprimanded or judged if they don't give two shit about your feelings. If someone calls you fat, even if he means it to be an insult then go excersise and stop being fat. It's that simple, people are calling you fat for a reason, and don't give me that bullshit about genetics or whatever. You're just lazy.

Back then if you did'nt know me personally you could very easily pass me of as some dirty hobo. That's becasue I dressed like one. and acted like one. Whenever someone would point out that I should do something about it I shut down and pretend to not hear. It went on for sometime before I realized that if I wanna get laid then I probably should dress and act like I wanna get laid. ( Still waiting to get laid)

4.Don't get offended easily.

This one is really tricky to talk about because EVERYONE IS SUCH A SENSITIVE FUCKER. 

Now before you say how insensitive or what a douchebag I am hear me out.

I understand and firmly believe that humor has to draw a line somewhere. The line differs from people to people and so we adjust accordingly.

It's just that people seem to be taking offense in the stupidest of shit ever.

Offer curry to an indian man? That's offensive because indian people eat other cusines too. Too that I say "HEY DIPSHIT, NEWSFLASH, I FUCKING KNOW." It just happens that the shop is serving curry and I like curry and you like curry so LETS FUCKING GET CURRY.

"Oh, I'm sorry I did'nt notice you there, it's quite dark". "WALAO SO RACIST BECAUSE HE INDIAN RIGHT?' No..... it was dark and if he had been a chinese or malay guy I would'nt been able too see him either.

"Wow, I really like sushi!" " Wah bro, you damn fuck up sia, he just broke up with his girlfriend at sake sushi then you still say you like sushi" HOW IN THE NAME OF SWEET BABY JESUS AM I SUPPOSE TO KNOW YOU BROKE UP WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND IN A SUSHI RESTAURANT. 


Remember that the world don't give a shit about how you feel or your experiences. If you really cannot hold back the feelings then briefly mention it AND FUCKING MOVE ON.

3.Say yes.

I'm a skeptic. I question everything and anything. I will always try to prove it wrong before I can really accept it.


Which is also the reason why I'm not doing anything useful or productive in my life. 

This one was really hard for me because I LOVE TO BITCH AND BITCH and not do anything about it. I was always finding excuses to say no even though I want to be better.

Who knew the key was as simple as saying YES, WHY THE FUCK NOT.

German class? YES, WHY THE FUCK NOT. New friends in a new enviroment? YES, WHY THE FUCK NOT. Learn how to drive a motorbike? YES, WHY THE FUCK NOT. Drugs? NO. KIDS DON'T DO DRUGS, IT'S BAD.

You get the idea.

So yeah, myabe #YOLO is not a bad thing afterall.

4.Love yourself first.
or love her. ok, defintely love her.

Let me be clear, loving yourself does'nt mean sitting at home eating potato chips and watching 'How I Met Your Mother" for two straight days. Loving yourself means wanting the best for yourself, start working out, pick up a new skill or just buy that book you have been eyeing so long. 

Alot of people mistake this with just doing whatever's comfortable, and I totally understand. Just make sure after you actually climb out of whatever dog-hole you made for yourself after "loving yourself"

This does'nt even have to do with esteem issues, it's simply making a choice to become a better person that society would love. And no, all that "love me for who I am bullshit don't fly here in this cold dark country called Singapore"

I'm not asking to change your entire person (though in some case you have to if you are the type of person to wear sunglasses indoors or even on the motherfucking train, then yeah, you have to change your entire person)I'm saying keep all your passions and the goodbits and throw out all that annoying and sometimes unhygenic habits.

Like I can't see your "good personality" cause it's hidden behind all that fat. Ha.


Types of people I hate.

1)Hitler and his armies

To number three I say FUCK YOU.

It's so easy to fall into that trap of self-righteous and self-justification. I see people talking about big world issues when their own lives are a fucking mess. I see people talk about how they want to start something or learn something or do something BUT ACTUALLY DO JACK SHIT.

Maybe in their own twisted way they feel like their soing something but in reality they ar'nt doing shit. It does'nt help that the feeling of WANTING to do something and ACTUALLY doing something are so similar.

It is only when you sit down and think and think and think about your life and all your accomplishments do you realise that actually, you have nothing.

And it is only by working on it that it becomes real, actually cook something, even if it tatse bad. JUST MOVE YOUR LAZY ASS.

Don't think about it anymore, JUST DO IT. Follow me on twitter, @a_adolesence. I tweet good tweets:)


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