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Today while waiting for my lecturers to finish showing off their authority I decide to scroll through a friend's instagram and find the prettiest girl among the flood of photos. (SIDENOTE: I do this thing with my friend everytime we have a mass lecture I would scroll through his instagram and look for hotties)

I constantly ask people with a mezzo-size following (usually social media) on the internet if they actually know even a quarter of those people, the answer I usually get is "No"

Which is totally fine, but when asked how many "offline friends" they have, the number does'nt even come close to the numbers they have online.

Again, nothing wrong with that. Social media apps was created so we can connect better with people right? The opportunity to make more friends, closer with the people we care and love, all that is now possible with social media apps right?

Think again. While the intial intention for social media apps might have been to bring people and humanity closer together, it's far from reaching it's goal. Everyday billions of people log into their Twitter and Facebook and whatnots, thousands of words run through their minds but NONE comes out from their mouths. I mean, whatever happen to just talking.

I'm not saying that connections and friends made online are fake or wrong. I just want to know if the world we live in now has replaced talking with our mouths with phones. Is talking now deemed redundant? Has social media successfully took over the need for face to face conversations?

It's funny to see how from approaching someone in a shopping mall to approaching someone on Twitter. I remember when I was young all I needed to do was to say hi and bam a friend is made! Now if you say hi to a stranger you either get a strange look or angry replies.

Being a teenager myself, I allowed myself to be taken over by this new cultrue/practice but overtime it just wore me down and before long I was craving for some actual real conversation instead of all the online gibberish. I guess if you can't fight them you join them huh?

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