top 10 youtube channels (part 2)

Everyone knows that Singapore is a place where creativity comes to commit suicide, it's the place where Death dumps it's bodies. To sum it up, it sucks. Oh oh, so you want to be a musician? NO, FUCK NO. So when what little source of creativity is being depleted, suck out of you by the P.*.P (just kidding don't arrest me) you come to the place where everything is ok. The place where creativity and speech never stops flowing. You come to YouTube.

6. Scam school

So you want a free meal, or maybe just a drink. Me? I just wanna get laid. You watch scam-school, you learn really really cheesy tricks that puts all your friendships to the test. It's basically just a clusterfuck of maddness and alot of laughs. Apparantly all the tricks work and you can actually get babes with them. I mean just look at the host of the show. and he gets laid. alot.
what the fuck kind of hair is that?
7.Anna Akana

I KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS ARE THINKING. You're all thinking, " JESUS! this creepy guy is watching mutiple copies of the same asian girl on the internet!" YEAH YEAH SO WHAT. MY PARENTS PUT PARENTAL CONTROL ON MY INTERNET AND I CANT WATCH PORN. Did I say that out loud? Anyways, she's really an inspiration, she rants about the littlest thing in life and it's always fun to see things from an Asian girl perspective. If you know what I mean.

8. The Fine Bros

Occasionally, I like to hear someone's else opinion on stuff. OCCASIONALLY. So the fine bros kidnaps kids, adults, teens, old people and they make them watch videos. And man is it funny. There was one particular episode where they got a whole bunch of old people and had them watch GTA5 gameplay and it was fucking hilarious. I mean, the shit old people say sometimes are just priceless.

9. Totally sketch

Really really crazy scenarios are played out on this channel. I know the logo looks kinda cheesy but trust me, it's fucking nuts in there. Here let me show you:
u pervs like that huh?

Some more: 

Yeahhhh, I totally DID not stayed for the boobs


Ok, so this was'nt produced exclusively for YouTube but it's still awesomesauce so it's going on the list. It's a talk-show with this dude called Seth- Meyers. Oh you got that already? OK smarty-pants.
His improv jokes is hilarious and even when his following the script it still cracks me up. Watch this if you wanna watch celebrities laugh like old dying elephant.

Awright folks! That's de top 10 youtube channels according to a incredibily unreliable source (ME) Follow me on twitter @A_adolesence and keep the peace and suck yo dicks. I mean kicks. I mean ducks. I mean, nevermind.


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