Imagine a world without strangers. Saw that on a t-shirt somewhere, but if you break it down, it's actually quite deep.
Imagine for a second, a beautiful girl walks by you, you stop her and say "hey, just wanna say you look great" A smile run across your face BUT instead of getting a "thank you" or just a smile back, you get a cold stare, followed by what seems to be fear before she walks away muttering "wtf".

It's sad really, we live in a world where simple compliments or just a friendly smile seems so awkward and creepy. We walk the earth everyday with 7 billion other people and yet we do not care to stop and notice the person next to us. I take a crowded bus everyday and I can personally say that a simple smile really goes a long way for the other person.

Singapore is always trying to spread courtesy and smily rainbows and whatnot but really, it has to come within us.

 Everyone is influenced by society. We can’t help it. We like to believe that we are free and autonomous individuals, but the truth is parents, teachers, bosses, politicians, and religious figures play a huge role in the decisions we make and how we choose to live our lives.

Which is why all of us has a responsibility to make the society in Singapore a little less darker. We are very much shaped by society, we are like a blank screen and the people we grow up around are the projecters, so are you projecting a good image or a bad one?

SIDENOTE: reallllly happy cause after what seems like months I got my first comment! So thank you whoever you are! and as always, stay tuned.


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