Sexy back

WOWWWWW, it feels like a fricking year since I posted something (it's only been a week or so) but I'm back. Which means more awesome-ness, quirki-ness and MOST OF ALL awkward-ness. Fuck yeah ladies, hold your pussies cause I'm bringing sexy back.

That's right ladies, I'm bringing sexy back.
Anyways, after looking past the fact that nobody reads my blog I decided I'm gonna make lists instead of long boring posts with the occasional sexual anotations. Why? Cause people tend to like lists more and I feel I can put my points across more clearly. Not that anyone cares.

I'm still gonna write long posts occasionally, though like mentioned earlier I would primarily be focusing on lists. Sex, brawls, school, teachers, dogs, cats, dog-cats, basically anything and everything is revelant here on Community* so be sure to stick around!

As always, leave your comments below and remember to share! #witchesofeastend #sherlockseason4 #community*


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