5 tips to survive Valentine's day alone

The day singles all around the world dread the most, the day forgetful boyfriends rush to jewelry stores to get that necklace, the day that undermines a person's self esteem the most. You guessed it, it's Valentine's day.

roses are red, violets are blue, here's my middle finger, and it is for you
So you'r single and have no idea how to get through this emotional and stressful day, DON'T FRET!  Cause here are 5 tips I have gathered after spending most of my valentine's day alone. (what can I say, I really really enjoy being single)

1.Rent or download moviesSo all your friends are probably away on their expensive dates, eating their classy food when suddenly BAM. "That will be $499 sir" The next day, you see your friends have sold their clothes, phones and emptied their bank accounts, living only rain water and sleeping on bench parks. Sucks for them, they should have said yes when you asked them to watch a movie with you.

for the poor who cant afford to rent a movie

2.Make your own recipie
Ice cream mixed with fish, chocolate mixed with fries, whatever. Go to your nearest grocery and buy everything sweet, salty or spicy. There's no way better to spend time then to make food, you accquire better cooking skills and if your lucky, you may even actually enjoy eating what you made.

3.Start a blog
Write about what you feel, why you feel, how you feel etc etc. Honestly its better than tweeting it on twitter. OK. WE GET IT. YOUR SAD CAUSE YOUR ALONE. NOW STOP JAMMING MY NEWSFEED! I mean I can relate, you want someone to notice you and say that they care blah blah blah. Why not just start a blog? Its has WAY more word space and so much more expressive than twitter. If you can summarise your entire range of emotions on twitter than either you really have a tiny weeny vocabulary or you'r just trying to draw attention.

the best blog. ever.
4.Start a new hobby
This might seem tough but trust me, it gets you places. Go join that muay thai class or dance class or language, point is, JUST JOIN SOMTHING. Come back from the class looking smarter, sexier and handsome-er. The next time your friend laughs at you for not having a date? Show him what a muay thai roundhouse kick is.

5.Spend it with a friend
Who says Valentine's day is just for lovers? It can be for friends too. There's nothing better than to laugh about how pathetic you guys are and then break down crying on each other till both of you realise that you'r actually attracted to each other. Just kidding. Go watch a movie, play games, or just chill over beers. Quote: "We are not defined by having girlfriends, we are defined by the actions we choose"(got that off batman) I mean just look at these 2.
Anyways, don't lose sleep over not having a date, its just part of natural selection. I believe everybody can find love, just dont give up yet. As Adam Levine once sang " and she willlllllllll be loved" That's right. You will be loved.

Is there any other tips to spend a valenine alone? Let me know dowwwwwwnnnn beloooowwww in the comment section. I'm probably gonna need it.


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