script writing maybe?

In a few hours time,Im heading back to school. God have mercy on my soul.

Fear is engulfing me,I cant stop it. The mere thought drives me insane,I dont want to go back to school. I hate it. Ok, I might be exaggerating.

I guess we will just have to see how it goes,I wanted to make a script out of all the conversations I had in school,if it's successful I wanna ask people to act it out for me. You will be surprised to find the kind of topics we can talk about,sometimes its funny and sometimes its downright hurtful. Though its gonna be hard to write down everything they said.and a little weird.

Script writing has always been a little fantasy of mine,I always play out hundreds of senarios,in my mind of course.

the script
Maybe I should take script writing class,then become rich and build a castle.

But first I have to go to school.


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