It seems only during the night can I gather my thoughts and know what I wanna write about,maybe Im gonna research why.

So I met up with zivan today. It was......fine to say the least,really glad I got the chance to slavage an old friendship,though things will never really be the same again,Im fine with it,what matters is he's back. I guess mr geogre is next.

School is gonna start soon,kinda scared and nervous,maybe this time I might put in more effort in my studies.

2 years of my life I spent in that place and I got next to nothing out of it,hell I only made a group of friends so far and even so their not so keen on staying for long. Makes me think what poly is gonna be like. Oh well.

Language has been sort of sn intrest so far,but I just cant seem to find the money to fund it,I wanna find a job but all the ones avalible are in the F&b industry and trust me, Im bad at it,really really bad.

There's still quite abit of schoolwork left undone, I want to find new 'work friends' but everyone's so comfortable in their own clique that a newcomer is such a frighting concept to them(....and me) and my friensds are all so unmotivated, I wanna try but I look like the 'loser who has no friends guy' I tried a few times but everyone's just so damn... ARGH

Fuck you homework!
People are so hard,especially teenagers man. You know when everyone is trying to act all grow up and trying to cool stuff and shit and not listening to anybody cause your a rebel and cool,I mean why do you people wanna grow up so bad? Grown up sucks,they have jobs and bills and gossip and so much damn problems.

Why do you want to be cool so much? Why do you want people to know you're popular ? Why do you want to pretend to be busy? Why must you pretend like you dont need anybody? Why act tough? Ok,so you have problems,let the mature people and all the adults take care of it. Why carry the burden and then ask people around you to help you.

You want problems so much? You will get them in THE FUTURE. Life will always try to fuck with you and the older you get the more reasons life gets to fuck with you,for now just enojoy what little time you have left being young.

Gonna take a smoke,cause that's what YOUNG people do. and cause I fucking need 1.


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