Rhetorical questions

I would like to wish everyone a very happy christmas,hope everyone's enjoying.

So I missed a post yesterday casue I was so so so so tired from the christmas party,it wasnt really a crazy party,we had good food,couple of beers and watched a movie.

Im kinda glad I attended the party because I bonded with old friends again and clear up some misunderstandings. I almost feel guilty saying this but I was focus bout how zivan felt this whole time I failed to realise how people around him had felt,and they are entiled to feel whatever they want to feel,I guess this time I really have to leave this to the people upstairs or wherever.

But enough about that, I wanna talk bout something more serious here. Rhetorical questions.
Seriously, its not a challenge

I would like to start off by saying THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ASKING THEM.

Yesterday at the cinema I saw an old friend,she was buying a ticket,being the nice friend I am I ask 'catching a movie?' to which my dickhead of a friend beside me took it upon himself to reply in her place 'NO,SHE'S JUST HERE TO BUY POPCORN' what ensued was uncomfortable and awkward laughter. OF COURSE I KNOW DICKHEAD,I FUCKING KNOW. I was making conversation,you know the kind of thing normal people do when they see friends? Thanks for making a normal conversation so damn awkward. Thanks.

Which brings me to my piont,why is it so despised among the youngsters? Why must you make it a piont to embarass your friend in front of other people or at all in the first place? I personally think they just want to show off ther intellect by proving the obvious when their friends cant. Problem is,we fucking can.

We arent stupid,of course we know but we still ask anyway because we dont want to stare at each other in awkward silence,we ask if you have a bathroom or not because we want to be polite,I know there are other ways to phrase the question but sometimes it just comes out,and honestly you dont have to embarass us badly beacause of it.

I get sometimes you want to be funny, and Im cool with that. I make chessy and lame joke all the time BUT I dont utterly humiliate the person when I do it. Hell,whenever I want to make conversation around my friends I stop and think,sometimes I just dont speak at all. and I hate it.

Well,you know who I blame? Obama. Thats right,Obama. So THANKS OBAMA. THANKS.


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