Happy new year people,one less year to live, one more year to screw up.

Its been awhile since I posted,kinda got lazy, I still love blogging though and since I started it Im gonna push myself everyday.

The countdown yesterday was so much fun,got to connect with friends at a more deeper level and I kinda stop worrying so much about keeping the clique together now,we are after all technically 18.

Speaking of 18, FUCK. I hate growing up, it just means more responsibility and quote by a friend 'YOU GOTTA ACT ALL MATURE AND SHIT'

Why cant we all just stay young forever, let the 'mature' people take care of everything. If theres one lesson I take away from my life is that the older you get the more problems you get.

I mean now I cant do all the supposedly 'childish' things anymore. I dont really know how to put it in words but apparantly everything that I do is childish, as confirmed repeatedly by all my friends.

So yeah, thats it I guess, gonna rest and fill my tummy with stuff now, maybe more at night.


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