The heart wants what it wants

I draw inspiration from Selena's song "The heart wants what it wants" because I find this to be so true. The heart really wants what it wants, no matter what people say or push you to do, no matter how much you force yourself, in the end, the heart always win. How many times have you said to yourself, "I'm not going to call her" or " I give up" or "This is the last time"

Of course, those example above are just about love, however, the heart's power and influence doesn't just stop there. It affects your entire being, your lifestyle, your values, your morals.

Now wanting something and acting on it are two different things, I may want a Ferrari but I don't rob a bank just to get the money to buy it. Still, my heart yearns for it.

So, what does the heart really really really want? What can fill up whatever void we have inside?

The answer? Nothing.

Kinda dark isn't?

Nothing can fill us up, no amount of love is ever enough, no amount of money is ever enough, no amount of drugs, friends, books, knowledge IS EVER GOING TO BE ENOUGH. We can swallow up this earth and it would still not satisfy us. You ever heard the term "First world problems"? That is a classic example of how the void in humans will never be filled up.

We are evil, corrupt, selfish and self-serving. Even with so much we manage to find space to fit more things. Just like how rich people complain about the Iphone 6 design the kids in Africa complain about not having more meat in their meals.

Yes, the heart wants what it wants but it will always want.

If you look at things this way you begin to find everything just so...... meaningless.... so empty,,,,,

Like what's the point of eating if I'm never going to be full, why work if I'm always needing money, why anything really, we all die in the end.

Don't tell me to live life blah blah because hey I could take a knife over to you place and you wouldn't live so much anymore.

You could do the same.

So why.

Ok, at this point I can hear people behind their screens thinking to themselves, Uhm if I had a million dollars I would be happy or I just want food or something young people always say on tumblr or twitter. (hate those "I just need food" or "I just need something" tweets)

Fine, let me indulge you for a second, you can have anything BUT you can't have it forever or have an infinite amount.



Came up with anything?

I think I heard someone say money.

Ok let's go with money. You now have 10 billion dollars. You're 18 years old. You have probably about another good 60 years to spend all that money. You start with food, the best the rarest, you move on to cars, the best the rarest, girls, drugs, houses, you buy everything you everything there is to buy, you buy things that cannot be bought.

Ok, sooo now what?

You sit at home and relinquish all that you have bought, you look and admire all the cars, paintings, exotic shit you bought.

Ok, sooo now what?

You're probably now in your 50's. Ok let's just say your in perfect health. So you go out and, you go out and........and.........

Nothing, you ate everything there is to eat, bought everything you can in your power so now what?

Ah, but you say there's still things you haven't do, you tell me you now don't want to buy houses you want to buy countries.


I believe at the end of the day, it's about how you deal with this want, this longing for more, do you use it to push yourself higher? Or maybe you're tired of wanting more and so you tell yourself everything you have now is enough.

Because remember, you can never fill it, you can only cover it and just be happy because there's always someone better something faster something cheaper.

Happiness is not only about what others can give you, it's also about what you can give yourself.


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