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Another hotel post. Been really into them recently. Fresh sheets, soft bed and clean toilets, really, theres's nothing better. I really should be getting paid doing these "recommendations"

Anyway, it was'nt a birthday celebration or anything, just a small...... going away party I guess?

 The hotel was kinda ok, AND AS EVERY HOTEL/CHALET EVER, I did'nt get to sleep on the bed so yeah. The bathroom was kinda a downer cause it was a CLAUSTROPHOBIC NIGHTMARE. I mean if you were bathing and suddenly you have a boner your dick would get CRUSHED. Just saying.

You guys should know this part better than I do. Booze. Ciggarettes. More booze. AND THE INVEITABLE EATING OF MAGGIE NOODLES. 

 I guess there's something about get-togethers that just open up people's hearts. I will just be honest here and say that my group of friends arn't really the closest of friends. We used to be but things happen and let's just say our bonds were'nt strong enough to weather it through. Still, now and then we try to forget the past and have fun for what little time we have together, and I'm grateful for that.

In all, I would say I enjoyed myself, as with every other party/get-together/whatever. I just hope I have more oppurtunities to blog about hotels.

Guess who's climbing the social ladder :D


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