50th post!!

My 50th post! So glad I was able to make it all the way through, all the hours thinking about new content, ciggarettes I smoked and finally I'm able to write all the way to my 50th post.

I want to thank all you people that read my blog, honestly it's the pageviews that pulled me through when I feel like giving up this little side project and for that, thank you:)
A picture paints a thousand words though in this case I think it only painted 2

A little back story:

I started this blog as a way to express myself, a portal to say what I cannot in real life, you can say it's my wall of free expression. At that point of time, I just wanted to do something productive in my life instead of just playing games everyday and so I pushed myself to update the blog regularly.

Over time as I blogged more and more, I realised that blogging is more than a hobby for me, it's a passion and as the pageviews came, I find mself more and more motivated and so everyday is a fun day for me because I'm constantly thinking about what to write or how to get my blog out there or just plain daydream about where my blog as a whole was heading.

Blogging also helped me handle my emotions better. I had all this pent up emotions about everything and blogging is such a good way to release all that, though my blog readership is mostly Singapore based, I occasionally have a few overseas readers and for that I'm grateful too.

I feel satisfied everytime I finished typing out a post because I know even if you guys disagree with me, I have shown you all a different angle of a problem or situation.

I don't say this enough but THANK YOU all for reading, just the fact that someone bothers to read about my opinions makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. 

Again, thanks for sticking with me through these 50 posts, it may not mean much to you guys but it's the world to me, because of blogging, doors started to open and right now I'm really looking forward to blogging full time in the distant future.

At this point, I can only promise more creative and interesting content so be sure to hang around. As always, thanks for reading!

s-arahyeo.blogspot.sg (awesome sauce man) See if you can find the post about my blog!


  1. Hihi,, I think your blog is really nice! I mean, it gives off the Singapore-ish vibe and I just came across your blog thanks to my friend who retweeted your tweet in regards to this post. I read a few of your blogposts and decided to leave a comment, cus, I always love comments on my blog too haha. Do continue blogging, I look forward to your future updates so I be following you on twitter //Yay new follower for you// haha. I might have seen you before somewhere, you look familiar haha. Anyway, all the best on blogging!!


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