Jesus christ Im going insane by my fucking lazy and unmotivated grp members


JESUS CHRIST. That is all I can say. I wanna add the F word in the middle but it's offensive to Jesus so yeah. I know I should'nt even use the word but whatever, not in the mood you fucking nazis.
TO ALL GRAMMER NAZIS. and my group mates

Why you ask, CAUSE THEY ARE ALL FUCKING LAZY AND UNMOTIVATED AND JUST FUCKING IRRESPONSIBLE. At least hitler bothered to come up with plans (even though it's evil) BUT HEY, AT LEAST HE WAS RESPONSIBLE. (in his own twisted and evil way)

You know what? I had enough of lazy and people who JUST don't bother to give a fuck about stuff. Ok granted you all have your own flaws BUT HOW HARD IS IT TO JUST TYPE A FEW FUCKING WORDS ON YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN HUH? WHY IN DOTA YOU ALL CAN TALK SO MUCH BUT IN PROJECT WORK ALL OF YOU SUDDENLY BECOME WHAT, HANDICAP? RETARDED? WHAT, COME ON, TELL ME SO I KNOW.

Let me give you a scenario. My group mates are hanging from a cliff and beside them is a 2 dollar note. GUESS WHAT I FUCKING CHOOSE.

Another thing. When I message my group mates, NOBODY FUCKING REPLIES. It's not a social text or spam, I just need to know a little information. Thats all. THATS FUCKING ALL. Most of the time I just need my mates to say ok or not ok. THATS. FUCKING. ALL.

You might tell me, why not confront them? Talk to them nicely, I'm sure they will listen. WELL, YOU THOUGHT WRONG. Talk to them? They get angry. Tell them nicely, they think I some loser who has no life only know how do project all day. HOW. I.....I.....I JUST..... JESUS

I'm a pretty easy going guy, really I am. BUT YOU GUYS BROKE ME MAN, YOU GUYS BROKE ME HARD.

And everytime I assign a task, JUST USE YOUR BRAIN AND THINK LAH. Everything ask me then I assign to you for what? For breakfast? For christmas? For you to wipe your gay ass?

It's hard man. Like my group mates are my friends and I really do want to stay objective about things BUT HOW IN THE NAME OF SWEET BABY JESUS DO I DO THAT WHEN YOU ALL DONT. FUCKING. CARE. HOW? YOU ALL SO SMART TELL ME LAH.

Dont get me wrong, these people, they are good people. They are my good friends but sometimes when it comes down to business we don't share the same values and it just plain SUCKS.

This is not a post to discredit or de-fame (or maybe it is). I love my groupmates but sometimes, its hard to express what I feel in person and I guess blogging sorts of helps me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is.... FUCK YOU GUYS. thats all.


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