The dark knight

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                                                             The Dark Knight
F*ck yeah.
This movie needs no introduction, with a 9.0 ranking on IMDB it's probably one of the best movies Nolan has made.

The story follow the events after the first batman movie, with batman cleaning out the strett tirelessly, the desperate crime lords turn to the Joker for help and unkowningly unleashed a monster who is hell bent on bringing Gotham to it's knees.

Instead of the usual underwear-on-the-outside batman you see in comics, Nolan made the movie darker,grim-er and gritty, giving it a more realistic feel. The dialouge was really well thought and not at all cheesy, there were also none of those "superhero cliche" scenes.

I thought the cast were perfect for the movie, Heth Ledger was absolutely amazing, the portrayal of the Joker was spot on, the fact that he spent an entire month in a hotel room alone just to get into character speaks volumes about his dedication to the film. Christian Bale was pretty good himself too, changing his physique to fit the film so quickly. Bale is one of those actors where you can only accept them for a specific role, like when we think iron man, we think Robert D.Junior *ahem* Ben Affleck go away *ahem*

Actions scenes were very cool, in case you'r wondering, batman uses "Kfm" a new self defense system. None of that American karate bullshit. The batmobile was also made from scratch, and I mean there is an ACTUAL batmobile made from metal and other stuff, there was NO cgi invovled in making the car.

I give this movie 9/10 for making my childhood superhero even cooler and cause IT'S THE BATMAN.


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