Life in ITE

It's almost been a year since I enrolled in ITE and with most of my secondary school friends progressing to Sec 5, I thought "Surely life can't get more miserable than this! I mean what's worse than going to ITE?!" Turns out, I was wrong.

See, I met this group.
Denise(golden hair) can spent 2 hours just to finish a bowl of noodles, Jonathan delivers rib-breaking punches whenever I'm not looking, Justin and Huiyao is just adorable, Clare has got the sharpest voice ever, Robert is a douche cause he has a $500 schoolbag(oh wait, his mom bought it.) and Mingzhen is just.......emotionless.

So my head is just a arm-rest now huh?
Just the other day I was admitted to NUH cause Jonathan thought it was funny to break a few of my ribs(I still have diffucultly breathing now), and when I took out my wallet to pay the bill all I found in my wallet was a note left by Justin that says "Fuck you hobo lollololol".

But between the broken ribs and stolen money and wasted time while waiting for Denise to finish that bowl of noodles(she's still eating the SAME bowl she bought when school started), I kinda got a little attached to all of them, I won't say my life had a DRAMATIC change but it definetly got more fun and colourful.

Life really has a funny way of doing things, 6 months ago I almost got killed by the sheer amount of awkwardness sitting next to Justin on the bus but now I just want to hug him.

Class is never boring with these guys, I have no idea how but somehow they manage to break of part of a chair and stuff in my bag(wtf guys), window panes, tables and cables are not spared either.

Just a single post can't do justice to the amount of colour and fun they bought into my life, for now I hope we can graduate with good grades and stay in contact even after school. You guys are the WORST:)

p.s- I'm sorry if I left out anyone, BLAME OBAMA!


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