No regrets

How true.

Everyone has regrets. That anniversary you forgot, that break up you did'nt see coming, that guy/girl you should'nt have fell in love with. You lie on your bed, thinking, crying, wishing how things can be different but life goes on and gradually you find yourself stuck, unable to move on from your past hurts. Slowly bit by bit your soul dies, your heart starts to get colder, walls form all around you to keep everybody out.

By now, everyone has left. You changed. No one is here anymore. The ones that stayed don't recognize you because when they try to come close you lash out, telling them to stay their fucking distance.

Stop. Stop torturing yourself. You are so much more than that, your past does'nt define you anymore. I know it's hard, you just can't imagine life without him/her but you must walk on and finish this tiring journey called life.

In 2006, suicide was the number 1 reason people killed themselves in Singapore. From 2000-2004, 1700 people died because they did'nt think life was worth living anymore. You already know killing yourself is'nt gonna solve anything but you just can't see another way out. I'm telling you now that there is ALWAYS a way out.

I will be honest, I don't have answers for whatever you went through or is going through. What I do have is words. Words of encouragement, of love, of support and what's amazing is that the people around you have it too. Start opening up again, start loving, start eating. Start trying again.

No one asked me to write this, I'm just writing what I truly feel after scrolling through my newsfeed on Twitter, reading the news and watching people around me. Teens or rather people nowadays seem to be so bitter, hurt and tired. I hope by writing this I can encourage everyone that's feeling down.

I want to start something, a movement if you will. Stop talking about how messed up you are, instead, be the strong one. Start a random Twitter account and tweet nice things to the people you love. Start a blog and write down what's been good in your life. Write notes and drop it in your friends bag when their not looking. Start doing something positive.

Help me by sharing this to everyone you know, especially those that are going through something or having a hard time letting go. You can copy some of the lines or all if you want. Credit me, don't credit me, I don't care. I just want everyone to see this and maybe, just maybe they can smile again.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this, follow me on Twitter (@a_adolesence). Or don't. You'r reading Community*, stay tuned.


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