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So I saw this article on sasha grey recently and my brain is literally begging me to blog about it,so this post is for you brain.


sorrry got it all over my keyboard
For those that have no idea who sasha grey is, you'r either a girl or lying. She's one of the most famous pornstar alive and some of you might be familar with her work, very very familar if you ask me. Nonetheless, the article was about her guest reading to children at some school in america, now I personally believe that regardless of what your professional career is, you'r entitled to do some good.

I was kinda touched and disapointed(dont ask why)at the same time, a pornstar trying to leave the adult industry and becoming someone totally new, I then went to visit her instagram page because i have never seen what a pornstar instagram page is like and I wanted to see what a pornstar would post on her page. Oddly enough, it was kinda......normal, like your typical girl next door,pictures of herself(fully clothed of coursed)dogs, her friends nothing that would scream 'I AM A PORNSTAR!!!'

I felt happy for her, and then it just struck me, how is she going to leave the adult industry? I mean people all over the world have seen her naked and those children she just read to? They are gonna grow up to be teenagers and they WILL be exposed to the internet and they WILL find that video and go 'waitttttt, isnt she my 3rd grade teacher?' I mean I get whats she's trying to do but I just cant see how.

Her boyriend and if her husband if she's gonna get married, they will always know that deep down even though she loves them, countless number of bananas has been in that honeycomb and its all over the internet for millions to see. Even if she quits the job, she will still be known as a pornstar,which begs the question, why is she even in the industry in the first place? I read up quite abit on the adult industry, most, if not all the girls are there voluntarily,it is after all a job.

Sasha was working there voluntarily too, which got me thinking, maybe she doesnt want to leave the industry at all, but how does she go to work and work after reading to those children? What message does that impart? What about her moral compass? Honestly I have no idea, although I personally dont have a problem if she wants to read to me. Or my children in the future. Just saying.


  1. LOL, same here brother. Wouldnt mind one bit.


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