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White, brown, black, smart, sexy, fat, skinny, sexy and always defintely confusing. Yeap, you guessed it, I'm talking about girls.
Uh, boner alert.
Q:I dont have a girlfriend:( What should I do???

Before I answer this question, here is one I think we should answer first, why do you need a girlfriend? At this point, I get a short awkward silence and then some answers like "cause I.... I mean cause everyone needs love" or "don't know". I even have a few replies like "to fu*k that bit*h in her pussy duh!"

Which brings us to the initial question, what should you do? Well, it depends on your reason(s). Honestly, there is no right or wrong reasons to want a girlfriend, its more of a question of where your moral compass points. That being said, what are you looking for that only by having a girlfriend can you have it? Is it validation? Is it love? Is it sex? Is it the thrill? What is it?
Think hard.

If it's anyone of the reasons above then I can safely assure you that you definetly do not need a girlfriend to meet those needs. Ahh but you say that you want a different kind of love, the romantic kind, but when you think about it, is there really such a thing as a "different kind of love?" Seriously, think this one through, to me it's more about how much love you are receiving.

You want a girlfriend because you have her undivided attention, everything she do its beacause of you, all she thinks, breathe and love is you. You want a girlfriend because she can give you lots and lots of love. You want a girlfriend because she's the ONLY person who actually loves you. Am I right so far?

Thing is, you're wrong.  Look around you, you have friends and family! You just gotta open your heart and let them in, don't lose sleep just because you dont have a girlfriend. Dont close your heart to the people around you because right now, they are the ones who probably loves you the most:)

ps: of course, everyone is different in their own way, I'm just writing down what I have heard people around me have said, my personal thoughts and what alot of personal blogs portray.


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