So your just talking, sharing something awesome you saw, your friends seems intrested so you continue and then out of no-where you get a text-slap.

A text-slap occurs when 2 persons are enjoying a conversation and suddenly as a dick move one party takes out a phone and starts texting. Come on, seriously? I have no idea why people are so into texting in the first place,why not just meet up and have a nice chat rather then sending chunks of letters to the other person? Imagine asking someone a question and then he/she just stares at you for 10 secs before replying. Weird right?

Tell me you can look into her eyes for 10 secs
I mean is it a thing among teenagers now? I tried texting while talking but after awhile I'm so engrossed at what my friend is saying I give up altogether. What is so important that you have to stop everything,take out your phone and reply that message? Once, twice I get it but every freaking conversation? Damn, is it me or is it REALLY REALLY hard at being a teenager.

Every teenager. Ever
Everytime I get a text-slap, I just feel like giving them an actual one in return. Its so off-putting and rude, imagine everythime you talk to me and halfway through I just start singing and when I sang enough I say "oh sorry, I didnt hear you cause I was too busy singing, its really important I sing everytime you talk cause it makes me look cool and busy like people just love to hear me sing"

AAAAAA oh im sorry you were saying?
Come on people! Get your shit together! Its not cool and all it does is just makes you look like a toolbag, if you choose to talk to people then talk! Dont give me that bullshit its important, if its important then it shouldnt be in a text.

Teenagers man, just when you sorta get the hang of it a new "socially-acceptable" rule pops out, why has'nt someone wrote a book on "how to become a cool and hip tennager" already.


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