Recently all I'm writing about is about what you should do or how to improve as a person blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong, you all should follow what I write but today I'M FEELING GANGSTER. I skipped school motherfuckers! Lol, I'm in I.T.E what'd you expect.

Anyways, like most of you losers, I have NO idea what to do next when I got home, and so, the only thing left to do is to take a nap. I had the weirdest dream, but thats another post.

I thought, man, how can I waste my time like this when I have exams next week? So I was left with 2 choices, 1.Start studying OR 2.Justify napping is BETTER than studying.

It's obvious which option is the better one.

After 2 hours of Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen and Jerry Springer I found the time to do some research on napping.* Here's a few reasons to sleep more and feel good about it.

1.Increases alertness

No shit, naps make you more alert. and hungry. Some researcher at NASA found out that napping increases alertness by a FUCKING 100% . Gives me more energy to watch youtube videos.

2. Heighten senses and creativity
or you can just take drugs
It takes me about 2 hours just to write a blog post, I gotta find the right music, procrastinate, wear my thinking shirt, procrastinate somemore THEN finally I get an idea. Napping just cuts all that and now I am writing about napping. Genius.

3. Improves mood
i have no words for this

Have you seen twitter recently? Everybody is just so FUCKING DEPRESSED. and sad. Only after hours of scrolling can you find some comical tweets. Seriously people just go take a nap. Yeah, he will come back to you no worries, just take a nap.

4. It's awesome

Seriously do you need me to explain this one?

5. Improves health
He took a loooooooooooooong nap
When you sleep you release growth hormones, boosts immune system, IMPROVES SEX LIFE, lose weight and reducess stress. However if you, like me smoke about a quarter pack of Marlboros a day then you might want to consider taking a longer nap
And there you have it, 5 reasons to take a nap. Also, throw that textbook away, Community* is SO MUCH better.

DISCLAIMER: * Research means going on Google and typing "benefits of napping"


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