Jerry Springer Show

I was first introduced to the Jerry Springer Show when I was browsing the internet looking for something intresting to watch when suddenly I saw "jerry springer nude girls uncensored",being *ahem* curious I click on it.
Now thats how i want to spemd my winter.

What ensued was probably the most entertaining 5 mins of my day. So apprantly Amanda and this hooker call Rose was fighting because Amanda's bf was sleeping with Rose,after what seems like just 2 secs,bras,hair,chairs were all over the place. Both ladies breast was exposed, ON LIVE TV(apprantly the highlight for the audience and me) and no one cared to stop them.

Well,in America they call this reality T.V and in Singapore we call this illegal,but it was entertaining so what the hell. If you didnt know already,the show runs on "real-life" problems from hookers to trannys to gays to gangsters,no topic was too boring for them,hell,they once make an episode about an innocent church going girl who had a brother as a pimp who tried to sell her.(MAJOR WTF?)

 Here's a little snapshot of what the show is like:
yep, their naked.
Just when you think things couldnt get worse:
your pimping your what????
To be fair,the show was very entertaining giving me more than a few bone-*ahem* I mean laughs. It was one of those shows where you know your not supposed to laugh but you still do anyway.

I mean come on,what better way to spend an afternoon than watching 2 girls tearing each others bras off and then procede to slap each other boobs.


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